Simple Smoothies


Smoothies are a great way to drink about two or three of the five recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day. There are no specific ingredients to making tasty nutritious smoothies. Use what's available at home and always ask an adult for help with sharp objects and electric appliances. 

Things to consider when making a smoothie:

1) Ingredients.
2) Layering.


There are many flavours to experiment with. For a creamier smoothie use fresh ingredients and for a slushier texture use some frozen ingredients or add ice. The combinations are endless. Get creative, but keep it simple. 

  • Blending liquid: water, juice, milk, etc. (No milk with acidic fruits to avoid curdling.)
  • Sweeteners: honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, etc.
  • Spices and extracts: cinnamon, citrus zest, vanilla extract, etc. 
  • Superfoods: chia, flaxseed, hemp, protein powder, spirulina, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables: apple, orange, strawberry, ginger, mango, pineapple, etc.
  • Healthy fat and cream: raw nuts, seeds, nut butter, avocado, banana, yogurt, etc.
  • Greens: kale, spinach, mint, basil, etc.
  • Ice or frozen fruits.


Once all of the ingredients are chosen, prepared, and measured the next thing to consider is layering them in the blender. Layering in a certain order helps ensure the best possible consistency. Below is a guide for layering in a traditional blender. Adjust quantities as needed.

Note: If using a bullet blender, build smoothie in reverse order.

Combination Ideas 

Challenge your taste buds and develop an affinity for healthier food. Incorporate more green ingredients for their antioxidant properties. Beware of high sugar levels in some combinations. Minimize the frequency of drinking sweeter smoothies. 


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