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Understanding Carbohydrates

SUGAR AND THE BODY Carbohydrates are a group of food important to the body because they give us energy. Foods which are high in carbs are things like sugars, bread, pasta, potatoes, rice, and several other items.  Like everything in life, moderation is important. That means only using the amount we need; not too much, not too little. Too many carbs doesn’t mean lots of energy, it actually ends up having the opposite effect. To understand why this happens, it is important to learn how the body uses carbs and turns them into energy. After a person consumes carbs, the food travels through the digestive system where special enzymes turn carbs into the simple sugar, glucose. The body then uses the glucose and turns it into molecules of energy to help the cells of the body do their jobs. If a person consumes the right amount of carbs in their diet, then the body can function in a proper and healthy way. The problems occur when we don’t eat the right amounts of different nutrients which we ne