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Taking Good Care of Our Teeth

The true beauty of a smile is in the genuine heart it comes from. Everybody is more attractive wearing a kind smile, no exceptions! Some people find it difficult to smile because they neglect their teeth. Taking care of teeth the proper way is a habit every person needs to build. Once the permanent set of teeth comes in, they are to be treated with care. 



Use whichever type of floss is available at home. The important thing is to clean between all of the teeth. Adding up the surface area of each tooth that's neighboring the next tooth, it comes up to about 35% of teeth. It is important to clean this portion. Clean teeth allow for healthy gums. Dirty teeth can cause gum infections and recession. This is when the gums get weak and slowly shrivel away. Eventually, the teeth have nothing holding them in place, and can fall out. 


Brushing teeth twice a day is a good habit to get into. The best times to do it are always right after waking up, and right before going to sleep. That way it is easy to remember and know that you did it. We all are supposed to brush our teeth within one hour after eating or drinking anything sweet. Sugar can rot teeth. Directions: Wet the brush a little, then add a pea-size amount of toothpaste to the brush, then brush for two minutes, and rinse.


Sometimes you might not have your toothbrush and toothpaste with you. In those times, it is better to rinse your mouth after eating and drinking than to not do anything at all. This helps by removing the tiny pieces of food stuck on still. Directions: Take a gulp of water, but don't swallow it. Just swish swish swish, and then spit it out.

Oil Pulling

An amazing technique to fight germs in the mouth is oil pulling. This is similar to rinsing, but instead of water we use oil. The best oil to fight germs with is coconut oil. Directions: Take a spoonful of coconut oil and swish it around for about five minutes. Make sure not to swallow any of that oil and saliva. When the time is up, spit it all out. **WARNING** Do not spit it into the sink or drains. Coconut oil gets hard when it cools and will clog the plumbing system.

Professional Cleaning

It is important to go to the dentist for a professional cleaning at least twice a year, if possible. This gives the dentist the time needed to check the health of teeth and gums. Professional cleaning can feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary to remove the built up plaque. Plaque can lead to gum disease and loss of teeth.

Random Facts About Smiles and Teeth:

  • The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself.
  • The human mouth contains more bacteria than there are people on Earth.
  • No two people have the same set of teeth
  • Smiling is our first facial expression. 
  • Smiling reduces blood pressure. 
  • People who smile often are perceived as confident.
  • Faking a smile will help you get in a better mood.


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