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Make a Fun Salad

This is a simple recipe for a tasty salad which can change every time and still be nourishing and fun. The idea is simple, think of a potato salad, chicken salad, egg salad, tuna salad, etc. They all have things in common even if the main ingredients are different. ASK FOR HELP Please ask an adult for help with preparing the salad. Do not handle can-openers, knives, sharp objects, or the stove on your own. Components: Bulk Stuff Healthy Fat Veggie Yummies Unique Flavour Bulk Stuff This is the main ingredient in the salad. Could be either carbohydrates, proteins, or a combination of both. What's left over in the fridge that you can make something yummy with? Maybe some boiled eggs, or shredded chicken? Leftover baked potatoes? Look in the pantry, do you have a can of tuna? If you want a vegan option you could use chickpeas or any of your favourite beans. Drain off the liquid and give them a good mushing with a spoon or the back of a clean cup. Healthy Fat This is what holds everythi